Business Consulting & Purchasing Agent | Ecuador, Peru, Colombia - North Europe
Business Consulting & Purchasing Agent | Ecuador, Peru, Colombia - North Europe


Nova Scala IBD as sales agent and representation specialises in high quality and innovative products from Finland, European Union to Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and rest of Latin America and vice versa.


The products from Ecuador, Peru and Colombia we present are agricultural products and derivates, food, tropical juices and concentrates, minerals, tropical wood and clothes.


The products from Finland and EU are mainly machines, technology and know-how for industrial production, minery, forestry, shipyards, agricultural production, telecommunication and energy for private as well as for public sector. 

Nova Scala IBD
International Business Development and Agent


Krohnskamp 66

22301 Hamburg

Represented by
Eco. Lassi J Pensikkala


+49 40 37082684+49 40 37082684


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