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We represent following quality products from Ecuador, Peru and Colombia

100% Environmental - Teak wood from Ecuador

FEQ First European Quality

Cultivated teak wood direct from the plantation from Ecuador.

We are a family business in Ecuador dedicated to develop forest and industrial projects with Teak (Tectona Grandis), with high quality standards.

We are producers and our forest projects start from the planning of the plantations according to the available natural resources and selecting the best certificated seeds originating in Guanacaste-Costa Rica, to achieve an excellent developing in addition to complying with a strict maintenance schedule and thinning during all stages of forest growth.

Implementing a state-of-the-art forestry technology makes our plantations successful and also provides a valuable source of work to surrounding communities.

We offer a high quality and durability product that can be use in floors and furniture both outdoors or indoors. Stave, planks and dry planks; sawing and machinated to facilitate its installation.


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Gourmet chocolate, Ecuador

we seek trade intermediary from Europe and Russia. Our company makes premium quality gourmet chocolate custom made and row chocolate in blocks.


Our line of business is to make for third parties, high quality liquor, chocolates and cocoa powder.

Our management team has been in the export cocoa business since early 70’s.



We could offer up to 40/50 tons of cocoa liquor with a certain flavor profile.

The process of the liquor can be standard, well refined and if requested conched.

This can be packed in different sizes, from 5 kilos to 25 kilos blocks.



We only use selected high quality cocoa beans.

As a general rule our ingredients are cocoa, sugar and soy lecithin, we never use vanilla or vanillin, unless requested by customers.

We have two lines, one for retail and the other for industrial consumption.


RETAIL- At this moment we are processing to four different companies, the product is wrapped, boxed, placed in a display and these in a master carton.

Our customers have won international awards with their products.

Please let us know if your interest would be in an already brand name or your idea is to have your own label.

If needed we can also manufacture milk chocolates, but the milk cost in Ecuador makes almost impossible to sell this product in foreign countries.

The cocoa – sugar percentages according to requirements.  

Natural flavors can be added if they are in a powder form or essential oils.


INDUSTRIAL - We have other customers that sell their chocolate in one kilo blocks for exports, industrial use mainly hotels, restaurants and small chocolatiers.


Shrimps | King Prawns, Ecuador

we are specialised in the processing and export of sea products and farm raiseds shrimp and king prawns. We are searching for European partners for import and trade intermediary.
The best shrimps in the world
The Ecuadorian shrimps are famous for their quality and taste. There are certain good reasons they are the best in the world; Because in Ecuador they stock between 7 and 12 larvae per square meter but in Asian countries they stock 150 larvae per m2. That means in Ecuador the disease risk is lower and there is no need to use antibiotics. In fact, it’s against the law to use antibiotics on shrimp farms in Ecuador.

The shrimp are fed a formula based on research that optimizes the ingredients to imitate the shrimp’s natural diet, guaranteeing a healthy wholesome product.




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