Business Consulting & Purchasing Agent | Ecuador, Peru, Colombia - North Europe
Business Consulting & Purchasing Agent | Ecuador, Peru, Colombia - North Europe

We represent innovative products and solutions from Finland and European Union in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia

Eco. Lassi J Pensikkala

We represent following innovative products and solutions from Finland and European Union in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia - Bioenergy | Water treatment (Solar salt water technology) | Air purification Nano technology for hospitals and laboratories | Technology and know how for mining, forestry, agriculture, food processing etc.

BioGTS provides an array of innovative new technologies for converting organic wastes into valuable resources, services for energy efficient building construction, engineering and design, as well as a holistic design and engineering approach to sustainable EcoCity development. With the help of these tools and technologies we can work together for building a healthy, clean living environment for ourselves and for future generations.

Conexbird’s patented service for cargo controlling provides access the exact condition of the cargo and its lashing at every handling of the container and even before shipping - without a need to open it. This allows you to make decisions faster and more accurately based on a knowledge, instead of just guessing.

Every port with Conexbird Wind will immediately alert for changes in cargo and provide specific information what has gone wrong and when. Service includes all the needed equipment for free of charge.


What else Finland has to offer as export goods?

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Eco. Lassi J Pensikkala


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